Seeking Damages for Car Accidents

1.3 million people die of car accidents every year, placing it as the 9th leading cause of death in the world. In the United States alone, approximately 37,000 people die at the wheel. A car accident can be earth-shattering, and the aftermath of a wreck can wreak even more havoc. If the unthinkable happens, and someone is injured or even killed in a car accident, an attorney can help win the deserved compensation.

Navigating the network of insurance companies and legal battles can be a headache for an average person, especially one suffering from the trauma associated with the accident. Specialized attorneys, such as those at Williams Kherkher are able to battle for the just repayments owed to the plaintiff.

Determining the damages to be pursued can vary. In some cases, simply the medical bills or physical distresses can be accounted for. But there are often emotional and mental distresses that must be addressed in the aftermath of serious car accidents. In one famous case in 1988, a woman named Julie Miramon found herself in the midst of a second car accident. The first accident she experienced was serious but in this second accident, she suffered no physical damages. However, after claiming that the accident resulted in significant mental damages, such as anxiety and an eating disorder, she appealed her case and was awarded thousands of dollars for her suffering.

Car accidents can take a huge toll on health and well-being in many ways. Such cases concerning car accidents are not cookie-cutter in form or fashion, as seen from Miramon’s case. Damages can come in many forms, including emotional, monetary, and physical. Therefore, it’s important to ensure an experienced team of attorneys is able to support the injured in getting all of the compensation deserved, for both economic and noneconomic repairments. While noneconomic damages are more difficult to concretely discover and describe, they are nonetheless just as important as the economic damages and should still be pursued.

There are many steps to take in the aftermath of a car accident to ensure a proper case. Calling your insurance agency right away is important, as is reviewing the ins and outs of your coverage. Be sure to take pictures of the accident, and keep tabs on all of the expenses related to the accident. Simple steps like these can go a long way in supporting the validity of your claims and can help you win compensation. However, you should never sign any waivers or forms without the advice of an attorney. You should also refrain from giving written statements to your insurance company until you are completely familiar and comfortable with your coverage plan. The next step would be to find an experienced attorney to help you pursue your just compensation. Don’t be a victim that doesn’t earn their rightful repairments.

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