Benefits of SEO Content

Recent changes to Google’s search result algorithms have increased the need for well written content on websites seeking to increase their rank. Rather than rewarding sites who simply stuff web content with keywords, Google now bases a website’s rank on how relevant and useful these keywords are to its visitors. While the benefits of well written on-site content are obvious, many overlook the benefits of off-site content when planning their SEO strategies. Similar to on-site content, off-site content can also help increase rank, traffic, and encourage a response from website visitors.

There is a wide array of SEO techniques, but the most commonly used strategy is known as link building. Link building is essentially an online popularity contest. The more credible links a website has linking back to it from other websites, the higher it will be ranked by Google. However, while quantity is important, quality is seen by Google as a better indicator of how useful a website may be to those searching for specific content. In other words, a single link on a large, reliable website is much more effective at raising one’s rank than are several links on smaller, unreliable sources.

As previously mentioned, the more useful an article is to a website’s visitors, the more likely readers will be to share it. For this reason, many businesses use professional copy writers to help create shareable articles.

Well designed and written websites can encourage visitors to naturally share and link back to a website they like. These natural links are among the most effective factors determining the ranking of a website in Google’s eyes. As stated above, links are all about quality as opposed to quantity. The better the content on a website, the more likely it is that a large reliable source will find it, like it, and link back to it.

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